Amazing Aspect Of Recharge And Get Paid Business Opportunity

Someone asked me how much is 0.35% of N100 airtime. I told him it is N0.35. He laughed because the money is not even up to ONE NAIRA and went away.

But he forgot a popular saying that *”Drops of water make a mighty ocean”*


The RAGP business pays up to the 10th generations. So let’s do simple calculations 

A partner joined the business June 2018 and registered 3 people only and taught them to register 3 people too and continue to teach their 3 the 3×3 matrix system. On my 10th generation you will be surprised on the result.

3 – my 1st generation
3 x 3 = 9 – my 2nd generation
9 x 3 = 27 – my 3rd generation
27 x 3 = 81 – my 4th generation
81 x 3 = 243 – my 5th generation
243 x 3 = 729 – 6th generation
729 x 3 = 2,187 – 7th generation
2,187 x 3 = 6,561 – 8th generation
6,561 x 3 = 19,683 – 9th generation
19, 683 x 3 = 59,049 – 10th generation

This mean in my 10th generation I will be having 59,049 Nigerians in my network. That’s just nothing out of over 200 millions telecom users in Nigeria. Note that it will take you some time to get these many people in your network, but it’s doable!

Now let’s come back to our N0.35. If these people in a day buy N100 *airtime alone*, I will be making N0.35 x 59,049 people = N20,667.15 on a daily basis.

Monthly = N620,014.5
Annually = N7,440,174


Earning all of this while sleeping just from N100 recharge. Not by me but by other people. Thats not to talk of those that will recharge higher amounts, those that will buy data, those that will do cable tv subscriptions and those that will recharge electricity.
The questions is, who cannot register just 3 people? Surely out of your family, friends, co-workers, neighbours, church or mosque members, club members, school members etc, you SURELY get just 3 people that will trust and join your business and network. And by joining you in RAGP, they are also starting and owning their own networks!
Now imagine and check if it’s 5 people or 10 people that you are registering and getting them to register the same number! 
This kind of income is called *PASSIVE INCOME*

Network Marketing Leaders are needed to earn *PASSIVE INCOME* with me. If interested, inbox me immediately.

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