Liberia Recharge And Get Paid

Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) Liberia is registered company licenced to carry out telecoms service.

In RAGP you become our telecoms distributor by registering for any of our packages.

With these packages, you own a VTU telecoms licence (E-wallet) through which you recharge airtime & data from MTN,
Lonestar Cell, Orange MOBILE for yourself and others.You’re also able to renew subscription 4 DSTV & STARTIMES, both for yourself and you can also sell to others.

Being avRAGP telecoms distributor, U can carry out Referral, Non-referral, or Both on our business platforms.

Our packages are:-

Basic – $12

Bronze – $25

Silver – $50

Gold – $75

Diamond – $100

Platinum – $125

Ex-Platinum – $250

The difference in these packages is only in the referral (networking) part of the biz. So if you don’t want to do the referral part, you may just register with the Basic package.

How You Earn With Recharge And Get Paid

πŸ‘‰Non Referral

Upon registeration you recieve 20% commission of Ur package fee.

You earn 2% of all airtime you buy or sell using your e-wallet.

You earn 10% on every data purchases using Ur e-wallet.

All transactions are through Virtual Top; no paper recharge cards or physical medium of recharges or data purchases.

πŸ‘‰ *Referral *
Here you earn through Referral Bonuses:

Own registration bonus-20%

Direct referral bonus-20%

2nd level-10%.

3rd level-5%

4th level- 2.5%

5th level-1.25%

6th-10th level-1%each

Transaction Commissions
0.35% on all team members recharges for life

1% of all team members data purchases for life

Other Incentives

All packages come with Point Values (PV): i.e you receive a gift of Point Values for each level of registration;
See below —

Basic: 20pv

Bronze: 40pv

Silver: 80pv

Gold: 120pv

Diamond: 160pv

Platinum: 200pv

Ex-Platinum: 400pv

Everyone who joins under you directly or indirectly adds points to you, and these accumulate and is turned into cash awards for you.


πŸ‘‰Monthly leadership bonus
Any month you aggregate 10,000 PV you earn $274.35 cash award.


Any time you aggregate 25,000 PVs you earn Inter Trip fund of $1,371.74

60,000 PV accumulated earns you $5,468.97 cash Award

100,000 PV accumulated earns you $8,230.45,1st House Fund Award.

250,000 PV accumulated earns you $10,973.94,2nd house fund

500,000PV accumulated earns you $16,460.90, 3rd House Fund Award.

And the best part….

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