How To Formulate Improved Livestock Feeds

Discover how to increase your profit on your Livestock investment whether you are breeding cattle, sheep, horse, pig, poultry or rabbits. We educate and equip.

Discover How To Increase Your Profit On Your Livestock Investment.

Whether You Are Breeding Cattle, Sheep, Horses, Pig, Poultry or Rabbit. We educate and equip.

 The Information you are looking for is right here in this site and we are so confident that you will find listed in it just the kind of information you want that we want you to go through it very carefully. 

If we may ask, why did you come here? Without doubt, you did so because of one of the following reason:

  •  You want to discover and exploit the Improved Livestock Feeding And Feed Formulation.
  •  You are an animal breeder suffering under the yoke of high cost of feed 
  •  You are a stockowner whose animals are malnourished.
  •  You are an animal breeder who wants to know how to run a profitable animal farm business.
  • You are a stockowner who wants to eliminate wastage in your livestock feeding system.
  • You are planning a career in animal husbandry.
  • You are a Civil Servant or salary earner who needs additional source of income on part-time.
  • You are a retiree and want a home based business.
  • You are the type whose ambition is to find knowledge in feed formulation and set up a livestock Feed mill.
  • You are the type who wants to disband the old percentage method that does not consider the nutrient requirements, proportion and chemical composition of feed stuffs.
  •  You want to be self-employed and financially free.

 If our guess is right – then you have taken the right step by deciding to read this free information and thereafter learn the insiders secret of How To Formulate Improved Livestock Feeds: Your Guide To Greater which will help you to accomplish all the above objectives and even more.

 Feeds and Feeding are about everything in livestock breeding. Get your feeds and feeding regime right and get everything.

 Ok! what are we saying?

 A stockowner (animal breeder) must attempt to ration his/her animals on a scientific basis. His system must enable him to make maximum economic use of available feed stuffs in terms of animal production.

Scientifically valid concepts of the nutritive values of feeds and of the animals demand for nutrients are very important. Many of the feeding practices of the past, that still hold sway today, do not follow this scientific pattern, hence the low returns.

 How To Formulate Improved Livestock Feeds: Your Guide To Greater Returns is comprehensive, borne out of many years of practical experience in feeding and feed rationing. It is five in one. It deals with ruminants (cattle, sheep and goat), Horses, swine (pigs), Poultry and Rabbits.

Of what benefit is this ebook to you? Out of many here are some of the benefits:

  • Feeds are no longer wasted. They are now being used efficiently because daily feed requirements and norms are provided.
  • High feed conversion efficiency, because volume of feed is now reduced and the exact nutrient demands fed.
  • A good source of information for animal feed formulation or further research, because of provision of skills about chemical composition of feeds and the demands for them by animals.
  • High breeding efficiency: improvement in reproductive capacity.
  • Improvement in growth rates because of good feeding practice leading to good health condition: Animals are no longer retarded due to malnutrition, hence early development.
  • With Tested Domestic Animals Feeding Norms, quality animal products are guaranteed.
  • Cost effectiveness is brought about when the information in this manual is put to use and the money saved can be used for other important things.
  • Planning ahead in livestock feeding and production made easy: projections are better and easily made.
  • Of-course better productivity and greater returns.

What To Expect From The Information Product:


Chapter 1: Ruminants Feeding Norms 

Sample 1: Feed Rationing for Cows in Milk Production  

(Proposal – Prepare rations to supply nutritional requirements of an adult cow, 400kg weight, daily production of 15kg milk of 3.5% fat content.) 

Chapter 2: Horses Feeding Norms 

Sample 2: Feed Rationing for Sporting Horses 

(Proposal – A two and half years old horse with 350kg body weight is to be fed for good performance in the field of sport. Prepare ration to accomplish this goal)

Chapter 3: Swine (Pigs) Feeding Norms

Sample 3: Feed Rationing for Pregnant Sow 

(Proposal – Prepare rations to supply the required nutrients to cover the whole period of in-farrow (pregnancy period) of a pregnant sow weaned at age 42 days under individual feeding.) 

Chapter 4: Poultry Feeding Norms 

Sample 4: Feed Rationing for Chick Broilers 

(Proposal – 100 Broilers are to be fed to attain live weight of 1.5kg each within 8 weeks.) 

Chapter 5: Rabbits Feeding Norms 

Sample 5: Feed Rationing for Rabbit Weaners 

(Proposal – Prepare balance ration (Grower) to feed 8 Weaners from 4th week of age to 12th week.) 

Stockowner, Animal scientist, researcher and Feed formulator what are you waiting for? 

Order this ebook now and join thousands of people it has satisfactorily helped to profitably run their livestock farms, especially in the areas of feeding, feed formulation and feed mills. A trial will convince you. 

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