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Whatever Industry You Find Yourself…. You Can Not Run Away Or Do Away With ~ Referral”

To me….. It’s called Network marketing To the church….. It’s called Evangelism To Bankers…… it’s called Marketing To the Media…. It’s called Advertisement To politician…… it’s called Campaign No Businesses or industries can survive without referrals of people. People are what every industries/businesses depends on. 👉 Just as Conductor/Drivers depends on passengers🧑‍⚕️🧑‍⚕️👉 Schools depends on […]

Amazing Aspect Of Recharge And Get Paid Business Opportunity

Someone asked me how much is 0.35% of N100 airtime. I told him it is N0.35. He laughed because the money is not even up to ONE NAIRA and went away. But he forgot a popular saying that *”Drops of water make a mighty ocean”* The RAGP business pays up to the 10th generations. So […]