The Beauty Of Recharge And Get Paid – RAGP

You can acquire a VTU wallet by registering for as low as #5000 or any of the pakages NOT because you want to do network marketing but because you want to get paid whenever you carry out any transaction. It doesn’t Matter if you’re into another networking company, you can still benefit from RAGP without networking. That’s why we keep emphasizing that there are three (3) ways you can benefit from RAGP:

(1) Personal Use

You can choose to own a virtual portal just to buy airtime recharge, data, pay Cable TV subscription and Electricity bill for yourself and for ur household. And for each transaction, you get paid a percentage of what you purchased that way save some money.
better than enriching the banks on all of your transactions 😁

Like i always say… some of us has spent money equivalent to cars and landed properties on airtime and data since we bought our sim cards😁

So won’t you rather get paid some percentage of what u spend back to your account instead of loosing all and even making the banks richer?🤔

(2) Commercial Use

For those that like business. you can use it to sell airtime, data, subscribe gotv, dstv for people such as neighbors, friends, colleagues etc and get paid some commissions from all the transactions you carry out.. your phone is your office…🤓 So as you recharge for people through our platform, you collect your cash from ur customer for the transaction and our company still pays you commissions for all your transactions daily💰💰💰
As a partner in RECHARGE AND GET PAID… your phone becomes your office🤓

Our company offers you the opportunity to earn like the banks 💰💰💰💰💰
You can make millions of naira as you and other Nigerians are using a common product like airtime and data…

(3) Network Building

For those who Love building business systems, understand the power of leverage and want to make huge money from the industry…you would love this
part too…
here you serve as a consultant to the company..
As marketers/Consultants, you show the business plan to others ,get them on board and earn commissions daily as you build your team/network…
You are paid 20% on referral of what ever license you sell…you also get paid 10-1% residual income as your team members expand in the business… Guess what… you also receive commissions on all other transactions for life.😳

As a marketer/Consultant u have the opportunity of Earning 100k monthly
while u still earn daily.

the company offers other cash incentives like:
500k for dubia trip,
2million for car fund,
3m for small house fund, 4m and 6m will be earned cos u choose to Build the business.

ONLY YOU will determine the type of PARTNER you want to be on the RAGP Platform.

Whatever you choose, you will still get paid.

With your good use of social media and our strong team work…we have working strategies for everyone… if you are serious in building the business based on our guidiance and support you should make between 5 to 12 million naira from this business within your first 2 to 3 years in the business

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The Beauty Of Recharge And Get Paid – RAGP

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